Gladius AVT 18 Stack

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The AVT 18 borrows its features from the legendary Marshall Bluesbraker from 1965. And similar to all Gladius Amps the AVT 18 boasts Variac power reduction.

Of all Gladivs amps, the AVT18 has the least distortion and can, even with a Les Paul, be played wonderfully clean. The rectifier tube causes the amp to sound silky and round in response. The tremolo sounds extremely 3-dimensional. The typical transparent Marshall highs turn this amp into a fantastic clean one (Dire Straits 1st CD) but without losing the typical Marshall characteristics. Any Tube-Screamer-like pedal turns the AVT 18 into a hot-blooded classic rock amp. With an A/B foot pedal you can switch between both the clean and distortion inputs, thus making it a 2 channel amp. Due to its circuit topology the tremolo does not function on either one of the final power outputs.


Almost like new! Great condition! NP: 2600,00 EUR

Incl. matching 1-12 cabinet loaded with WGS Reaper Speaker


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– Power: 0.1 watt to 18 watt (switchable)
– Output tubes: 2 x EL84
– Preamp tubes: 2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AX7A
– Rectifier: EZ81
– Channels: 2 (normal & tremolo)
– Normal input: hi (w/ gain patch) & lo
– Tremolo input: hi & lo

– Controls, normal: volume, tone
– Controls, tremolo: volume, tone, speed, intensity
– Back: 4/8/16 ohm switch, 6-step power scaler, 2 outputs, footswitch connector
– Colors: original black levant
– Weight: 8.6 kg
– Dimensions: 20cm x 49cm x 21cm

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