Headstrong Sultan

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Blueprinted from 2 of Wayne’s personal 6G11/6G11-A Fender Brown Vibrolux amplifiers.  The same model Mark Knopfler used on the famous Dire Straits album „Sultans of Swing“

The stock model comes as a 1X12 with the Eminence GA-SC64 speaker designed by George Alessandro with the goal of capturing a broken in vintage speaker….I feel this is a great fit for the Sultan.  Nice tight bottom end with a clear top end that cuts through without any harshness. The Brown Vibrolux features the tapped treble control as found on the original circuit, which basically means the treble really starts to kick in at settings above 5 on the control knob.  This was found on all the brown era Fender amps, why, is another conversation, but the brown era amps were always the perfect stepping stone from Tweed to Blackface.  Not as loose and open as a tweed, but not as bright and tight as a Blackface.

The Sultan is also available in a 15 watt version.  All will remain the same, but slightly lower voltages and a pair of 6V6 power tubes will bring wattage down to small stage levels.

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  • 30 watts
  • 2-6L6 Power tubes
  • Bias Vary Tremolo
  • One Button Footswitch
  • 2-Channels (Normal/Bright)
  • Eminence GA-SC64 Speaker
  • Cab Dims 17″X24″X9.5″
  • Weight: 39 lbs (1X12)


Front and Back Panels:

  • Hi/Lo Inputs
  • Volume
  • Treble
  • Bass
  • Speed
  • Intensity


  • Power cord
  • Bias Pot
  • 2A Fuse
  • Power Switch
  • Standby Switch
  • 8 ohm Speaker Jack
  • 8 ohm X Speaker jack
  • Tremolo FS Jack


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