Jackson Ampworks McFly Head Stack

€2.699,00 inkl. MwSt.

Including matching 1-12 cabinet loaded with a Celestion Creamback 75 Speaker

From the ground up, the McFly was designed as an original circuit and not a clone of anything that’s been done before. I wanted to design an amp that gave a nod to those very early tweed style amps from the 1950’s but in doing so overcome some of the limitations and shortcomings that are inherit in many of those amps. To make the McFly more flexible I wanted to give the player access to some of the cleaner tones and greater headroom that were found in the blackface era amps of the 1960’s.The McFly very proudly features a 6SN7 preamp tube as well as a 6SN7 phase inverter tube. This 8 pin preamp tube was the precursor to the modern 9 pin 12AX7 style preamp tubes that are common now and is in large part why the McFly has the wide frequency response it has. With the McFly, your low-end will remain crystal clear and punchy at frequencies well past the low E string on your guitar and your high end will breathe with the openness and air of a studio grade preamp as these unique preamp tubes allow the full voice of your instrument to be heard.
This preamp, which has two operating modes (50’s and 60’s) gives you two distinct preamp modes with which to sculpt your tone. The 60’s mode is the cleaner of the two modes and will give you more clean headroom and is perfect for musical styles where a warm vintage Blackface type clean tone is needed. The 50’s mode is more aggressive and has more preamp gain which gives the McFly its signature Tweed era tone! In the 50’s mode you’ll notice that notes sustain longer and will often take off into controlled feedback at will.
Instead of a typical Treble and Bass control like you’ve seen on other amplifiers, the McFly features a unique set of controls to tailor the frequency response of the amplifier. To control the low end frequency response of the amplifier, we have included a 6-position Body Switch which allows the player to select various configurations of components to sculpt the amount of low-frequency in their tone. Using a switch to control the frequency response provides an intuitive and more repeatable method of dialing in your low-end and reduces loading on the guitars signal which results in a more natural and open tone like you’d find in a studio grade preamp.In addition to the Body Switch, the McFly features a master Tone control that effects the high frequency of your tone. Much like the tone control on a guitar, the Tone control on the McFly allows the player to dial in a tone that is brighter at the clockwise position and darker at the full counter-clockwise position. The McFly also offer a Bright switch which further extends the high frequency boost when needed.To round out the feature set for the McFly and to make the amplifier more useful in volume sensitive environments, we have included power scaling with the McFly. Power scaling allows the player to adjust the output power of the amplifier from max power (depending on power mode) to 1/8th of a watt! This feature allows the player to get true output tube distortion at a fraction of the original volume and will actually help to extend the life of the power tubes as they are not being run as hard when in the power scaling mode!

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Output Power 18W – 2x – 6V6
40W – 2x – 6L6-GC
70W – BOTH
Cathode Bias
Cathode Bias
Cathode Bias
Tubes Preamp 1x 6SN7
Phase Inverter 1x 6SN7
Output 2x – 6V6
2x – 6L6-GC
Rectifier Solid State