Reeves Custom 50PS

€2.699,00 €2.399,00 inkl. MwSt.

The Custom 50 PS is the same circuit as our standard Custom 50 but with the addition of Power Scaling to give you that „Live at Leeds“ tone without disrupting the neighborhood.
Constructed to the exact same specifications as the original design with Partridge replica transformers, dual channel pre-amp with 4 Inputs (2 Normal, 2 Bright). Normal volume and bright volume, bass, middle, treble, presence and master volume controls.
Like all Reeves Amplifiers, the Custom 50 is entirely hand assembled using only the finest quality components-resistors and capacitors assembled on a Garolite turret board utilizing „Mil-Spec“ wiring techniques.
Following closely to the original design the Reeves Custom 50 is the new leader in high headroom-low distortion amplification. If you are looking for an amplifier as solid base for laying your pedals on top of – then the Custom 50 will provide dynamic impact, soundstage focus and detail.

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  • All-tube circuit
  • Hand wired turret board construction
  • 50 watts via 2 EL34 output tubes (Custom 50)
  • 3 12AX7 preamp tubes and 1 12AT7 phase inverter
  • Transformers wound to original Partridge specifications
  • Switchable 4, 8, and 16 ohm impedance switch



Power Scaling
Power Scaling is a proprietary technology London Power developed to allow the maximum power of an amplifier to be dialed down to whatever level you need. Most Tube amplifiers have a „sweet spot“, this occurs when the amplifier’s power tubes are pushed into what is known as „clipping“, „break-up“, or „saturation“. The tone and harmonics being produced by the amplifier in this state is why the majority of guitar players prefer vacuum tubes. Unfortunately, in order to get an amplifier into the „sweet spot“ the associated louder volume can be very undesirable. Power scaling allows the user to keep the „sweet spot“ at any volume!

Unlike power attenuators that are placed between the amplifier and the speakers – causing the amplifier to „cook itself“ and seriously shorten tube life. Power Scaling allows the power output stage to be variable from full volume all the way down to bedroom levels while still achieving power tube „break up“. Other advantages of Power Scaling are longer tube life at any setting less than maximum. When the Power Scale control in the minimum position the amplifier is now in standby thus eliminating the need for a standy switch.


matching cabinet with Vintage Purple or Celestion Creamback speakers available (UPCHARGE! – see pictures)!