Sebago Double Trouble DT25 Custom Alnico Cream Spkr

€3.799,00 inkl. MwSt.

Get it now before it is gone!

See sample pictures for tolex & grill cloth

This Sebago DT25 comes with all available upgrade options, such as EASY BIAS Kit, Mercury Magnetics Power Supply (EU 240V) & Custom Output Transformer, EU-Version Upgrade, Tube Selection Upgrade, „Dumbleator“ tube driven FX Loop, Tube Driven Spring Reverb, CTS limited edition Pots, custom tolex & grill cloth etc.! Including a full 2 year warranty (excl. tubes)!

Only handfull of Sebago amps can be built a year!

The Sebago Sound DT25 is an evolution of the 50W and 100W Double Trouble amplifiers.  The DT25 combo is meant to be a grab-’n-go combo with tone that will deliver whenever and wherever you need it.  The amp features a speaker Eminence GB128. The 2 by 6V6 power amp gives it a very warm, harmonically rich clean tone which will break up like the best Deluxe Reverbs pushed.  The Overdrive channel still retains the classic horn-like tones that these amps are famous for.  As you can hear from the demo video, the amp is quite versitile – capable of high-gain crunch, bluesy cleans, and almost everything in between.

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The Sebago Sound DT25 is an all new, 25W combo with integrated tube driven spring reverb and Dumbleator tube buffered effects loop.


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