RedPlate Black Magic Topteil

€2.999,00 inkl. MwSt.

Redpalte verwendet nur hochwertigste Bauteile von Premium Herstellern wie Mercury Magnetics, selektiert und abgestimmte Röhren und handgefertigte Gehäuse. In den USA sind Redplate seit Jahren eine bekannte Größe in der Boutique Amp Szene, daher sind wir besonders Stolz darauf der einzige authorisierte Redplate Stützpunkt in Deutschland zu sein!

Tired of hauling around two amps to get clean tones and modified hi gain tones? Also want low gain tones? Notice that every amp seems to be a compromise between the two? Not anymore.

The BlackMagic is here – with a blackface inspired clean channel, feeding a 100 watt output section for absolutely the best clean tone available. Next, a British inspired modified gain channel with dual gain controls selectable by the footswitch for immediate gain changes.

Clean Channel Features:
• 6-way Mid Q (mode) Switch – Dial in your mids for everything from a scooped “country” tone to a full on

fat “fusion” tone
• Pull Middle knob – Shifts the mids to get more scoop for more of an acoustic/electric sound.
• Bright Switch – Add the top end to your high output pickups if needed.

Lead Channel Features:
• Treble Control – pulls for fatter treble that extends into the upper mids.
        • Gain1 & Gain2 – Preset your gain and switch between them live.

 Other Features:
         • Depth controls the effective frequencies for the presence circuit.
        • Presence – Works in conjunction with the depth, also clicks off to remove the presence circuit for full
range output
        • Dual Masters – Absolute control of your solo boost or alternate clean volume.
        • Effects Loop – fully buffered all tube loop that can be bypassed from the footswitch.
        • 4-Button Foot switch – The foot switch lets you choose clean channel or lead channel, Gain 1 or Gain2,
Master1 or Master2 and Loop bypass.
        • Half power switch (100 watt/50 watt)
        • The standard output is 4 x EL-34


Verfügbar bei Nachlieferung


Wir haben auch die klanglich & farblich passende 1×12″ oder 2×12″ Box mit  Celestion oder Eminence Speakern auf Lager!

Anderer Tolex oder Frontbespannung gewünscht? Kein Problem! Wir können fast jede erdenkliche Ausführung & Kombination für Sie anfertigen lassen!


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